Private SPA

This private spa was designed as an addiction to an apartment located in an historical building in Florence, Italy. Due to the shape of the site, the fitness area and the wellness area are realized on two separate floor levels.The long linear structure of the fitness area is underlined by a custom made wall covering that reminds of snake’s skin scales realized with slightly padded modules lined with vinyl fabric. The covering of both side walls with these custom-made pads, emphasizes the length of the interior and amplifies its sense of spaciousness. An added advantage is that work-out music blaring from speakers in the gym is contained within the space by the sound-absorbing pads. A wall completely covered by grey mirrors, extends the length of the room with an interplay of reflections which endlessly multiply the space.


The wellness area consists of a tepidarium, a rainfall shower, a swimming pool with a system for swimming against the current and a whirlpool zone. Floor, walls and seats of the tepidarium are heated to provide a relaxing and regenerating effect. A precious mosaic covers part of the ceiling, floor and walls to give the feeling of a jewel case. The selected mosaic is a shading blend where some of the mosaic tiles are made by sandwiching 24 karat white gold leaf between two layers of glass. This is a luxury enclosure for relaxation and regeneration, were light and water are fundamental elements of the composition.

LocationFlorence (Italy)
TypologyBuilding renovation and interior design