Listone Giordano

This is My Forest – The Harvest Cycle


The This is My Forest – The Harvest Cycle exhibition is devoted to a selection of projects by Mischer’Traxler. Conceived and curated by Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò the installation is incorporated in two interconnecting settings, overlooks the centrally located Via Bagliona inside the Rocca Paolina complex, a striking “underground city” in the heart of Perugia. The tour around the linear exhibition set-up, designed to really focus on the works on display, has two main focal points, one for each environment, corresponding to two platforms made of natural wooden planks, where the projects themselves are placed, The Idea of a Tree, Limited Moths and Drawing Time, the latter devised and created by the designers specially for this occasion.



Mischer’Traxler have contributed to the installation project for this environment by creating a sequence of medium-sized tree branches, arranged in groups, which stick out of the seamless parquet floor from the twig marks of the planks and create a small “chamber Forest”; their concretely organic presence poetically evokes interaction with the natural world and the issue of man’s delicate relationship with the ecosystem that all the works on display in the exhibition tackle and interpret in their own distinctive and peculiar way.

LocationRocca Paolina (PG), Italy
ClientListone Giordano