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The Reading Ritual – Collectable #0


The Reading Ritual it’s a system containing a limited number of books, a “minimal” structure to preserve and display the books that each person consider most relevant to reveal their own interior universe. It’s an object that speaks about affections, aspirations and personal obsessions as well as the willingness of representing individual identities through a selection of fundamental books. A small architecture, a device to reveal the “reading ritual” connected to the pleasure and wonder of increasing our own personal knowledge.

The Reading Ritual is an unique piece, fabricated from brass with vibratory finishing and Dark Emperador marble is a structure made up of three frames coupled together with five small, regular polyhedrons. Conceived as a “minimal bookcase”, it pairs a module with limited space for books with a reading platform that contains some symbolic objects to augment the readers’ experience.



Depending on the books’ dimensions, it will be possible to store or to display a limited number of volumes following the rules stimulated by the desire of selection, choice, preference or of separation from a whole that becomes symbolically significant. It is through the books’ titles towards which we orientated our preferences, their textual content or their images, that we communicate an intention, an expressive will or in a broader sense, a message.

In the project, the reading is accompanied and helped by a family of small objects, each one with a precise function that takes symbolic form in the five platonic solids, reunited here to represent emblematically the geometries that signify a universe created in relation to knowledge.

With The Reading Ritual the dimensions of the ceremony are gifted to the reading time; it is a project that speaks of affection, ideals, also of personal obsession, as the wiliness to represent the individual identities through the selection of “key” texts. It is a small architecture, a device to reveal the ritual of reading connected to the pleasure and the marvel of expanding our knowledge.

Above all, the project Collectable #0 intends to propose itself as an object with which you can establish an important relationship, even affectionate, as an instrument for exploration, a way of finding the necessary concentration in order to learn and consequently expand our private “cosmos”.

Sheltering our most precious books in an “open case”, we declare our affection for these paper objects that have been chosen with care and attention, while cultivating interest for the experience connected to reading on digital device that the contemporaneity offers us.

Vibratory finished full section brass
Vibratory finished brass sheet
Dark Emperador Marble
Natural Leather
Optical lens

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