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The Chroma Season


The Chroma Season introduces the results of Liliana’s recent design process, which inaugurates through a variety of objects full of great intensity and originality, a new phase of research in her creative conception. Set up in the windowed room gallery well known as “Project Room”, the installation is characterized by a strong reciprocity among the individual pieces displayed. They are all associated by a consistent use of the colour and share the same Geometric formal design inspiration. In addition to the pair of tables Colour Me Tables – composed by Colour Me Green and Colour Me Red – and the Patio carpet, the installation also includes the brand-new desk Colour Me Desk and some experimental Samples of Colour expecially made for the occasion. The colour theme should be interpreted as a factor enhancing the object identity, a kind of code by which amplify its emotional charge and its aptitude to transmit meaningful information. The collection is proposed by the designer in unique or limited edition pieces.



Over the surface of the displayed objects, a monochrome of intense and contemporary palette, meets patterning areas defined by precise and geometrically determined boundaries. The resulting patterns, risen from the application of different densities and intensities of colours, produce perceptual effects of simulated three-dimensional and unexpected depth. In Liliana Ovalle’s production the “colour”, far from being absorbed as a finishing interchangeable treatment, pertains to the expression of sensitivity and also the transmission of an imagination which, especially in the latter creative “season”, looks to the vibrant, contradictory, multi-colored “City Theater” as a reference of a privileged scenario.

LocationVentura Lambrate, Milano, Italy
ClientPlus Design