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The Threads that Bind Us


The Threads That Bind Us is a collective exhibition presenting the work of a selection of young designers active on the international scene and sharing the same interest in research into the design and construction of systems, processes and objects adopting a critical approach to input coming from everyday contemporary life.

The Threads That Bind Us includes a series of original works in which “woven material” is clearly of fundamental importance, turning out to be crucial for instilling identity and character on certain objects and for evoking a vision of how the practice of weaving fibres opens up to meaningful interpretations. A thread, which is a flexible, non-extendable structure, is what allows operations like sewing, embroidery and weaving to be carried out, age-old creative practices which, even though they have very definite and unmistakable roots in craft tradition, turn out to still be valid realms of exploration for assessing new or innovative solutions.



As well as reviving an old-fashioned and universally practised craft, the use of threads and yarns for the modern-day manufacturing of objects is also a very up-to-date and original means of expression, giving new meaning to key terms like “knot” and “stitch” and metaphorically evoking the concepts of “weave” and “web”. The designers have been selected by the curators and invited to take part in the Exhibition through the design and implementation of an unpublished work: Loredana Bonora, Salvatore Franzese, Soojin Kang, Evelin Kasikov, Kwangho Lee, Llot Llov, Philippe Malouin, Studio Besau Marguerre, Bertjan Pot, Florian Schmid and Elisa Strozyk.

LocationVentura Lambrate, Milan, Italy
ClientPlus Design